Welcome to Compusphere

25 Years in the Demoscene is quite the achievement, and this years tagline “BETTER, STRONGER AND FOREVER” show our dedication to keep going for another 25 years.

Compusphere has a great tradition of organizing Demoscene parties, fierce competitions and love for the community, with a history going back to 1993 it is now one of the oldest still running demoparties in the world. Organizers, locations and amount of participants have varied over the years, but the focus has been the same: To deliver the best demoparty experience in Western Sweden.

Check out this years invitation by Spaceballs on the Amiga 500 called PEEK (requires 3D-glasses for full effect).

Video compilation is from Toffeemeisters youtube channel and credit goes to the respective creators and groups. For a complete list of demos and effects, visit Toffeemeister on youtube.




Compusphere is an oldschool demoparty, with a special focus on older machines such as the Commodore C64, Amiga, Atari, ZX Spectrum and other computers from the 1980s. But we welcome all plattforms.

The party will feature that data atmosphere we all love, in its true form. So, please do bring your Amigas, C64s and other old machines to make it even better.

Modern computers should only be used for development and creativity. Modern games and “gaming” is not allowed. A WiFi-internet connection will be available for voting, checking email, IRC and such.

And there will of course be many compos, activities and surprises.


When & Where

The party will be held between 30 November – 2 December in Gothenburg, Sweden. And it will once again be hosted at the wonderful people of Uncle Unicorn.

Uncle Unicorn
Norra Allégatan 5
413 01 Göteborg

The party place is located close to Järntorget, which has several restaurants and convenience stores close by.

Please check the travel section for more information on how to get to the party!


The entrance fee will be 400 SEK (~€36). This includes a limited edition T-shirt that only visitors get, unlimited coffee, the midnight BBQ and other goodies. We have about 42 computer seats and room for about as many people without seats. So pay early to make sure that your ticket is reserved.

If you can’t come or want to sponsor the party? No problem. We have three kind of tickets that you can buy.

Ticket What you get Price
Standard Ticket Includes a limited edition T-shirt that only visitors and supporters get, unlimited coffee, midnight BBQ and other goodies. 400SEK
Supporter Ticket If you can’t come but still want to support the party. We will send you a T-shirt after the party. 400 SEK
Sponsor Ticket If you want to sponsor the party and get some recognition doing it, or if you just want to attend and support the party by paying extra. Contact us for more info!

We only accept payments over SWISH. If you live outside Sweden then please contact us at 25@compusphere.se and confirm that you are indeed coming. Confirmations are binding. So if you confirm and don’t show up you still have to pay (and receive a T-shirt).

Don’t forget to specify your T-shirt size when you pay. You can choose between S, M, L, XL. Also, we need your payment before 7:th November to guarantee delivery of your T-shirt to the party.

Facilities (Sleeping, showers & toilets)

There will not be a separate sleeping hall this year (either). You can of course choose to bring an inflatable mattress and sleep wherever there is room (data style), but if you prefer staying at a hotel there are a bunch of them nearby.

We have plenty of clean toilets to freshen up, but unfortunately there’s no possibility to shower at the party.

See the map under travel for a selection of hotels and other facilities.

Party Rules

Some people think that rules suck and that it makes things boring. Well, we don’t want to stop you from having fun. Actually, we want you to have a lot of fun, be crazy, creative and maybe even a little bit mad. But to make sure that you’re not doing something that sends the whole party into jail, we have a small list. And most of them are just common sense.

  • Swedish law applies
  • NO smoking inside (we have a terrass where you can smoke)
  • Don’t misbehave (being drunk is not an excuse)
  • If you make a mess, clean up. Together we  make the party a nice experience!
  • Be awesome and be friendly


  • O´learys (50 meter)
  • Haga Pizzeria (100 meter)
  • Sibylla (100 meter)
  • Hälso Sushi (100 meter)
  • Restaurang Bombay (500 meter)
    and a lot of other pubs and restaurants close to Järntorget

Convenience store

  • Pressbyrån (150 meter)
  • 7-Eleven (200 meter)
  • ICA Rosenlund (300 meter)


  • Järntorget (100 meter)

Call for prizes

If you happen to own something that you think would fit well as a prize in one of the compos, please consider donating it to the party. Your gift will forever be remembered. Please contact us at 25@compusphere.se and don’t forget to bring that something with you!



Whenever demosceners gather, there will be a need to compete. And since we intend to gather demosceners, we will provide competitions. Many competitions. Make sure you read the compo rules and if anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to contact us.

And since not everyone will have the chance to attend the gathering, we will also take remote contributions. Please check the remote entry section for more info.

We will also host several surprise and fast compos during the party. The details will be revealed when it’s compo time!

General compo rules

  • Make sure your contributions are previously unreleased
  • Racism, child pornography and any kind of content that violates Swedish law will be disqualified
  • All contributions shown will be spread after the price giving ceremony
  • Make sure your usb/floppy/cf-card/etc works before you hand it over to us
  • Clean exit is preferred, on platforms where it is relevant
  • Pre-selection may happen, if there´s just too many contributions
  • Compos with too few entries may be combined with other similar compos
  • All platforms are accepted, but if we don’t have the hardware to show it, then you have to provide it
  • If you provide hardware that isn’t compatible with our projector or system, we won’t show it (sorry!)

Compo hardware

  • PC TBD
  • Amiga 1200 with Blizzard 1260/50MHz and 192MB RAM, Kick 3.1
  • Amiga 1200 with Blizzard 1230/50MHz and 32MB RAM, Kick 3.1
  • Commodore 64 with SidFX, both 8580 (new) and 6581 (old) SID chips, and 1541 Ultimate II
  • Amiga 500 (with possible Gotek option), Kick 1.3
  • Atari Mega STE, 4MB Ram, ASCI (SCSI2SD) Harddrive, HDDriver 10.11, TOS 2.06
  • Projector Epson EB-G5200W (1280*720, 1280*1024), VGA, HDMI, S-Video etc.

Remote Entries

This year you can compete even if you’re not at the party. Remember that the same compo rules apply for remote entries. So if you for example have work stages, include them directly so that we don’t have to hunt you down on the internet.

Once you have a finished contribution E-mail you remote entry to remote25@compusphere.se before 22:00 GMT+1, 2018-11-26.

Make sure you tell us what compo it is for, the name of your contribution and the name of the author(s) including group(s).

Demo compos

  • No pure animations
  • Maximum run-time is 10 minutes for demos and 5 minutes for intros
  • Please inform compo crew if a demo/intro has long repetitive scenes that might be mistaken for an end-part or loop, or if the demo/intro requires interaction to continue



  • Intro 4k (max 5 min. will be displayed)
  • Intro 64k (max 5 min. will be displayed)
  • Demo (max 10 min. will be displayed)


  • Intro 40k (max 5 min. will be displayed)
  • Demo (max 10 min. will be displayed)


  • Intro (max 5 min. will be displayed)
  • Demo (max 10 min. will be displayed)

Other plattforms demo compo

  • The category for console productions, musicdisks and similar productions
  • Has to be made on an oldschool computer or console
  • Animations allowed, but only from retro machines
  • Can’t be a demo or intro for Amiga, Atari or C64
  • If we don’t have the hardware (see Compo hardware), you have to bring it
  • Max 10 min. will be displayed

Graphics compos

  • Any oldschool format is accepted, as long as we can find a way to show it
  • Workstages have to be available upon request
  • Traced pictures or copies of existing art and/or images are not allowed



  • Maximum resolution is 640×512 pixels + overscan
  • Maxmum number of colours is 256


  • Executable (.prg or equivalent)


  • Pure text format (.txt or equivalent)


  • Executable (.prg or equivalent)

Music compos

  • All formats are accepted, as long as we can find a way to play it
  • We will play contributions in their native tracker whenever possible
  • Maximum playtime is 4 minutes


  • Multi-channel formats up to 32 channels (No size limit)
  • Streamed music (Mp3/Ogg etc.)
  • Executable music (32kb size limit)


  • Maximum number of channels is 4
  • No size limit


  • Maximum number of channels is 4
  • 32kb size limit


  • Executable (.prg or equivalent)

World Shader Grand Prix

We are proud to announce that the World Shader Grand Prix 2019 will take place at this years Compusphere. More info will follow soon.



Compuspehere will be held at Norra Allégatan 5, Gothenburg, Sweden at the wonderful people of Uncle Unicorn. It is located close to Järntorget in the center of Gothenburg. Public transportation is excellent and it’s easy to access by car. There are plenty of hotels and hostels close to the party place and other conveniences like restaurants, pubs, supermarkets etc.

Getting to the party

There are several ways to get to the party. We recommend that you come by car or use the public transportation system here in Gothenburg. But no matter how you get to Compusphere, we will welcome you with open arms. Please look below to find your preferred mode of transportation.


If you’re traveling to Compusphere by plane to Landvetter then you have two options, the airport bus or a cab. A cab will get you to the party within 35 min and costs about 600-800SEK (~€54-€72). The airport bus takes about 45 min and you need to change at the stop “Korsvägen” to tram number 3 or 6 towards “Järntorget” which is your final destination. Once at Järntorget there’s a 150m walk from the tram station to the party.


If you take the car to Compusphere remember that there’s a lot of construction going on so there might be a lot of traffic even during non-rush hours. There’s a loading zone outside the entrance where you can stop and drop stuff off, but parking is prohibited!

For availability and map of parking and prices see P-bolaget Göteborg

Bus or Tram

Getting to the party place by public transportation is very easy.

There is a tram and bus stop at Järntorget which is only a 3 min walk from party place. Trams and buses come and go almost 24/7. Please refer to Västtrafik for more information.


There are plenty of hotels and hostels close by, and if you don’t mind taking a tram for 10-15 min. the number of choices are even larger and cheaper.

Please use the map below to see hotels and hostels close to the party. For more choices, please check hotels.com or similar sites.


The party is this year held at the wonderful people of Uncle Unicorn.

The street address is:

Uncle Unicorn
Norra Allégatan 5
413 01 Göteborg

Closest tram and bus stop is Järntorget, only 150m or 3 min. from the party place.

Use these addresses to navigate to Compusphere. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact the Compusphere crew for a more detailed instruction.


This is a preliminary schedule. Final schedule will be presented a few days before the party starts.

16:00 DEADLINE: Graphics & Music
21:00 Opening Ceromony DEADLINE: Demo & Intro
02:00-08:00 SLEEP SLEEP



Use the form below to sign up for Compusphere : 25 Years

The following tickets are available when confirming your registration.

Ticket What you get Price
Standard Ticket Includes a limited edition T-shirt that only visitors and supporters get, unlimited coffee, midnight BBQ and other goodies. 400SEK
Supporter Ticket If you can’t come but still want to support the party. We will send you a T-shirt after the party. 400 SEK
Sponsor Ticket If you want to sponsor the party and get some recognition doing it, or if you just want to attend and support the party by paying extra. Contact us for more info!

Confirm your registration by paying using SWISH and mark it with your handle and ticket type. Don’t forget to choose T-shirt size (S, M, L, XL). Send it to the following number and contact:

0761-332743 (Nicklas Solstrand)

handle + standard + size for a standard ticket.
handle + support + size for a support ticket (if you can’t come).
handle + sponsor if you are a sponsor.

Also, we need your payment before 7:th November to guarantee delivery of your T-shirt to the party.

Once we have a confirmed payment your ticket (and seat if you booked with a computer) will be reserved on the list. This is a manual process, so if you don’t see your ticket confirmed directly after paying, don’t worry. We check new registrations and payments several times a day so it will be updated during the day. If you have paid your ticket and it still isn’t confirmed after 24 hours then please contact us at 25@compusphere.se. Also, if you want to support the party, pay today!

If you live outside Sweden you can confirm by sending an e-mail to 25@compusphere.se. All e-mail confirmations are binding.

The registration code is CS25.

Bring computer?

Registration code

Confirmed attendants:

2coreliNSANEc64, AmigaNo
10G-GnuStrutsAmiga Yes
14ZMüRFPollyCREW/OLD Compusphere!AmigaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaYes
16NotoriousStruts^ScoopexAmiga OCSYes
17deadguyPACiF!C^Up RoughAmigaYes
19Mikael StalvikElfsong/3ss/BitbendazPC/AtariYes
20RandyiNSANE^C-lous^Hoaxers^RelapseC64, AmigaYes
21Peter LeinonenBitbendazPCYes
23BjoppeniNSANEAmiga OCSYes
24MorbidFive Finger PunchPDP11 Yes
25NightbeatOutbreakAmiga, C64Yes
28SpotUp Rough^Divine StylazAmiga, ConsoleNo
29zordidn/ainterpretative danceYes
32illmidusGenesis*Project + ApBepYe Olde CommodoresYes
35OlleLatex, Traktor, Planet.Jazz, BzbAmigaYes
36bonefishreality^insaneAmiga forever!Yes
37vilcansFive Finger PunchWho knows?Yes
38ImodiumFive Finger PunchSinclair QLYes
40MjoDatormagazin RetroAll or noneNo
41QwanUp Rough ^ La PazAmigaNo
48zabutomUP Rough^FairlightC64Yes
49FredThe GangPC/AmigaNo
50NisseThe Gangweb, amigaYes
51prowlerNectarineAmiga, C64No
52Burt Raynolds8 bit binary computeYes
54Goto80UP, HTharald treutigerYes
56GalathalionKissAmiga, PCNo
58DragonflyStarlightPC, AmigaYes
61KOOTYmonkeyface 2.0Yes

Not yet confirmed = No seat reserved:



Compusphere has been running since 1993 and is celebrating 25 year as an active Demoscene party. There are few parties on this planet that old and still going. Location and crew has changed over the years but our dedication hasn’t.

We are proud to present this years crew consisting of the following people:

orbiter – gemini – bitflippr – corel – slash


History 1993 – 2002

Compusphere 1, 1993, Fall:
The first Compusphere ever. A small party where about 60-80 people showed up, almost twice what the organisers had planed for. This Compusphere where held in the school refectory at Östrabogymnasiet in Uddevalla and was organised by the original Galaktiska Institutet.

Compusphere 2, 1994, Spring:
The same place as the first Compusphere, but bigger. About 100 people came.

Compusphere 3, 1994, Fall:
This time the location had changed to one of the halls at I17 in Uddevalla. An old military facility that aren’t used anymore. Cool place in both meanings. About all of the 130-160 people that had came were freezing their butts of. On this party some idiot where playing “Love sees no colour” by “u96” on repeat the whole party. If you read this: I HATE YOU! You made me dislike a perfectly good song.

Compusphere 4, 1995, Spring:
We moved again, back to Östrabo. But not to the refectory, but to the gymnastic halls. They used half the space for the party and the other half as a sleeping hall. They also used the sleeping hall to show movies on a 28” TV. The party hadn’t grown much, but this time there was existing heat and we didn’t have to freeze.

Compusphere 5, 1995, Fall:
Because the gymnastic hall of Östrabo had been so great the last time, Compusphere 5 was held here again. But this time they used both of the halls. The big one (the one they used the last time) as the party and sleeping local, and the little one as a tournament arena where they held competitions like mice throwing and cola crashing. About 200 people showed up and it started to feel a little crowded in the half space they used of the big hall as the party place.

Compusphere 6, 1996, Spring:
As the party had grown, they now used the entire big hall as party hall and the little one as sleeping hall. A little more than 300 people showed up, and that is about what that hall manages.

Compusphere 7, 1996, Fall:
Same as Compusphere 6.

Compusphere 8, 1997, Spring:
TOO MANY PEOPLE. About 400-500 persons showed up. No one is sure. But we had to put people in the sleeping hall, in the entrance, in the… well… everywhere. Black outs and power spikes made some of the visitors computers burn.

Compusphere 9, 1997, Fall:
We had to move. So we did. To the big (and expensive) gymnastic hall in Agnebergsgymnasiet in Uddevalla. This became the biggest Compusphere ever. 200 people prepaid, 300 people paid full price at the door, and over 200 people came and went under the party as visitors. And then we haven’t even counted the girls that went in free. We had almost 700 people registered on our voting computers. But we had some real problems with power and network.

Compusphere X (10), 1998, Fall:
We now abandon the “two times a year” policy for the “To big and too much arrangement for making two parties per year” policy. Though the party wasn’t as big as Compusphere 9, it was still better for the visitors. Bigger budget (we had a total sale of 250.000 sek) and more planning made this party almost perfect. We had no power losses and no net lags, the demos did run almost when they were intendent to and nothing was broken or destroyed. But unfortunately this party was held at the same time as the big disco-fire on Backaplan in Göteborg. We had to call in the school counsellor, organize emergency groups and put up a room with a TV that showed the news every quarter for the people with friends and relatives that had been on the disco.

Compusphere i (11), 1999, Fall:
What DIDN’T go wrong on this party? It was supposed to be a “invite only” party with the feeling of old smaller parties. It was once again held in the refectory of Östrabo and the attempt were to be a 100% scene party with only dedicated sceners and good demo releases. Instead it became the feast of the drunks. The only thing that happened inside was some gaming and leaching. And outside probably all of the 100 visitors got drunk. Some one set off an explosive charge outside the entrance and a window was blown into pieces. There also were some vandalizing on the power boxes.

Compusphere 12, 2000, Winter:
This party was thrown last minute. No one in the new crew made any attempt of arranging a party. So the old crew (that’s us) made one. A really small one, there can’t have been more than 30-40 visitors. It was held in a little gathering hall at Hyggestråket in Uddevalla. But I for one think it was a pretty neat party. Call it “bad” if you want to, but I would say “cute”.

Compusphere 13, 2002, Winter:
After a year of waiting, Orbiter and I realized that nothing where happening in Uddevalla. So we decided to take it up. But since we both moved to Göteborg we decided to arrange it in Kvibergs Kaserner in Göteborg. About 120 people came.

Compusphere 2005 – 2016

Will be updated soon.


Past parties on Demozoo

2016 – Compusphere – 25th-27th November – CP+B, Gothenburg
2015 – GAG/Compusphere – 27th-29th November – Wartagården, Gothenburg
2014 – Compusphere – 28th-30th November – Jörlandagården, Jörlanda
2012 – Compusphere – 10th-11th March – House of Win-Win, Gothenburg
2010 – Compusphere – 3rd-5th December – Jörlandagården, Jörlanda
2009 – Compusphere – 28th-30th August – Jörlandagården, Jörlanda
2008 – Compusphere – 27th-29th June – Jörlandagården, Jörlanda
2007 – Compusphere – 8th-10th June – Jörlandagården, Jörlanda
2006 – Amiga Summer Party (Compusphere + AmiGBG) – Jörlandagården, Jörlanda
2005 – Compusphere – 17th-19th June – Jörlandagården, Jörlanda
2002 – Compusphere 13 – 26th-29th December – Kviberg, Gothenburg
2000 – Compusphere 12 – Winter – Hyggestråket, Uddevalla
1999 – Compusphere 11 – September – Östrabogymnasiet, Uddevalla
1998 – Compushpere 10 – 30th-31st October – Uddevalla
1997 – Compushpere 9 – 28th-30th November – Östrabogymnasiet, Uddevalla
1997 – Compushpere 8 – 10th May – Agnebergshallen, Uddevalla
1996 – Compusphere 7 – 8th-10th November – Östrabogymnasiet, Uddevalla
1996 – Compusphere 6 – 10th-12th May – Östrabogymnasiet, Uddevalla
1995 – Compusphere 5 – 10th-12th November – Östrabogymnasiet, Uddevalla
1995 – Compusphere 4 – 10th-12th May – Östrabogymnasiet, Uddevalla
1994 – Compusphere 3 – November – I17, Uddevalla
1994 – Compusphere 2 – Spring – Östrabogymnasiet, Uddevalla
1993 – Compusphere 1 – November – Östrabogymnasiet, Uddevalla

List available on Demozoo


Photos & Videos

Here you can find old party videos and photos, old logos etc. If you have old photos, videos or anything from an old Compusphere party. Let us know and we will post it (with your permission).



Compusphere 2005 gallery @ thegang.nu
Amiga Summer Party 2006 gallery @ thegang.nu
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